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Ballroom Dancing Myths

Ballroom Dancing Myths

You want Romance? Get up and Dance!

People who think that ballroom dancing is old fashioned and boring could not be further from the truth. In fact, ballroom dancing is a cool, fun and exciting way to enjoy the music, make new friends, and experience the thrill and excitement of moving to the music together with your partner.

Here are some common misconceptions about ballroom dancing:

Myth #1) You need to start young to become a good ballroom dancer. Fact: The truth is that many adult people who never danced in their life can become reasonably good in as little as six months of consistent practices.

Myth #2) You need to have a good sense of rhythm to become a good dancer. Fact: The reality is that you can easily learn to hear the beat even if you thought that you have no rhythm. By starting out small, and learning how to break down music into the quick and slow counts, you will be able to hear and understand the music in no time.

Myth #3) I have never danced in my life, and when I did it was horrible, therefore I cannot possibly become any good in ballroom dancing. Fact: This statement couldn't be further from the truth. Many people have doubts when they first start dancing especially if they never danced before. Yet, with a little confidence, persistence and determination, many adults not only become good social dancers and develop a good sense of rhythm and movement, but also go on to become so good that they start winning at amateur ballroom dance competitions.

So, if you are new to ballroom dancing, then get yourself a pair of practice ballroom dance shoes, and join a group dance lesson class at your local ballroom dancing studio, or a college ballroom dance club. You do not need to have a partner, as there will be many people just like yourself who will be more than happy to partner up and learn some ballroom dancing with you!

So get yourself some confidence to go and find that ballroom dancing studio where you feel comfortable signing up for a group class. Be sure to give yourself at least a few months to learn the basics of ballroom dancing at your own pace . Be prepared to meet new cool people, improve your posture, lose weight, and become addicted in a good way!